Visum Plus Travel Insurance for Foreign Guests

HanseMerkur Visum Plus travel insurance

Perfect cover with the Visum Plus travel insurance: with a foreign health insurance, a travel liability insurance, an accident insurance, emergency insurance and baggage insurance you are optimally covered. Our Visum Plus travel insurance corresponds to the requirements of a „Schengen“ visa.

Visum Plus combines the individual insurances:

  • Travel health insurance
  • Travel accident insurance,travel liability insurance, emergency insurance and baggage insurance

We will give you the best cover with our travel health insurance:

Out-patient medical treatment by a doctor at the regular maximum rates of the respective applicable official German scale of fees for doctors and dentists „Gebührenordnung für Ärzte/Zahnärzte (GOÄ/GOZ)“

  • In accordance with no. 437 and section M (laboratory services), up to 1.15 times the listed rate
  • In accordance with sections A, E and O (technical performance), up to 1.8 times the listed rate
  • In all other cases up to 2.3 times the listed rate

Prescribed medication and dressings
Medically prescribed massages, medical packs and inhalation treatment up to € 300 per insurance year
Prescribed medical supplies, if you have an accident
Pain management and preservative dental treatment as well as recovery of the function of dental prosthesis per insurance year:

  • Up to € 500 per insurance year

In-patient treatment under standard medical care (multi-bedded room excluding private and semi-private treatments)
Transport to the nearest available hospital
Medically advised transportation to your home country
In case of death the resulting necessary additional costs for the repatriation of the deceased or the costs of a funeral
Product information

Optimum Travel Cover

1,20 € per day (up to your 65th birthday)

For all Stays in the Countries that signed the „Schengen“ Agreement